Will Marketing Automation Work for SMBs? 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

April 20, 2016 / GuidesforCRM

Whether wanting to make human resources meet or just innovating to make smarter processes, many small businesses are realizing the wisdom of using marketing automation software. But before you get won over by the wonderful potential of these tools, you have to take a step back and set expectations straight. In this article, Orbtr invites businesses to understand that marketing automation does not…

– exactly mean “automatic”

– take the place of a well-designed process or strategy 

– roll out as easy or as quickly as you may have thought

Know the real score about marketing automation and be more informed as a buyer when you follow the link below. – Hanna Sanchez


Marketing automation software solves issues for small businesses, but there are things to know before buying one.

Read the source article at orbtr.net

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